Can these be washed?
You can clean them, but they are not machine washable.

Can you replace the insoles
These do not come with removable insoles.

Where are they made
In regards to you inquiry, most UGG products are now made in Asia, as is the majority of all footwear sold in the United States, though a small number of our styles are manufactured in the USA. Our Australian manufacturing sources simply could not handle the volume of products we now create, and we made the decision to shift our production facilities to Asia over 10 years ago in an effort to meet the growing demand for our brand. Despite that, we continue to source the high-quality sheepskin used to manufacture our Classic Collection and other styles from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and Ireland. Additionally, our quality standards have not changed-- the boots we make in Asia are as high (if not higher) in quality than anything we have ever made.

I am looking for shearling lined only. How can I tell if they are or not? It mentions shearling and uggpure in the description.
The Tasman does not feature shearling. Look for an item description with "twinface sheepskin" - that is another way of saying shearling. They will mostly be found in our "Classic" styles.

How high is the heel and how does that compare to the height of the rest of the shoe?
There isn't really a drop in this shoe, so expect close to zero drop. We do not have the measurements for the heel height.

Do these slippers have an arch?
These do not have an arch.

They are water proof ?
These are not waterproof.

Do you wear these slippers with socks or no socks?
We suggest wearing these without socks, but you are welcome to wear socks if you prefer.

Is the back supposed to be tight so your heel doesn't lift out or is your heel supposed to lift out while you're walking?
These should not slip on the heel when you walk, they should fit snugly.

How do you clean the sheepskin lining of the Tasman slipper?
We do not have a recommendation for cleaning the sheepskin lining. If you were to clean it we would suggest using a very gentle soap and a cloth, and gently clean it and let it air dry out of direct sunlight.